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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2015-09-23

Runaways #4
Review: Runaways #4
3 Comic Reviews
In Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene's "Runaways" #4, the Runaways return to the Institute to deliver a message to all the other students and Sanna must face the teammates she betrayed.
Weirdworld #4
Review: Weirdworld #4
3 Comic Reviews
Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo demonstrate amazing synergy in "Weirdworld" #4 by crafting an absolutely superb penultimate chapter that stands out among "Secret Wars" tie-ins.
Grayson #12
Review: Grayson #12
3 Comic Reviews
Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin's "Grayson" #12 takes Dick back to his old stomping grounds in Gotham City, where his closest allies discover the truth about his "death."
Batman ’66 #27
Preview: Batman ’66 #27
3 Comic Previews
Riddle me this: What kind of ring isn’t round? A wrestling ring, of course. This issue, Batman finds himself in the middle of a rigged contest. The Caped Crusader pursues …
Astro City #27
Preview: Astro City #27
3 Comic Previews
American Chibi has been a mystery since her debut-until now. Learn the secrets behind her origin, her powers and the deadly threat she stands against in an issue featuring the …
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