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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2014-10-15

Sparks Nevada
Review: Sparks Nevada
3 Comic Reviews
Sparks Nevada dons the robot fists in the name of justice in "Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars" #0, written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, drawn by J. Bone, colored by Jordie Bellaire and lettered by Marshall Dillon.
Batman/Superman #15
Review: Batman/Superman #15
3 Comic Reviews
"Batman/Superman" #15 concludes Greg Pak's fun but inconsistent study of a memory impaired World's Finest duo, consistently drawn by a team of artists, but fails to live up to what could have been a more compelling character examinatio
Justice League #35
Review: Justice League #35
3 Comic Reviews
Lex Luthor holds a press conference because he has joined the Justice League and the League decides to case the event, as written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke in "Justice League" #35.
Teen Titans #3
Review: Teen Titans #3
3 Comic Reviews
"Teen Titans" #3 continues the likable reboot of the series from Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort, most notably by giving us a team that seems to genuinely like each other and do good things.
Daredevil #9
Review: Daredevil #9
3 Comic Reviews
The Killgrave children are on the loose in the streets of San Francisco and it's up to Matt Murdock to contain them in "Daredevil" #9 by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee.
The Life After #4
Preview: The Life After #4
3 Comic Previews
Upsetting the system has dire consequences in the afterlife, as Jude and Hemingway soon find out. Between underhanded deals upstairs and the threat of seraphim and wraiths down on the …
Meteor Men OGN
Preview: Meteor Men OGN
3 Comic Previews
On a summer night, Alden Baylor sits in a field watching the largest meteor shower in human history. What begins as teenage adventure becomes something more–the celestial event brings travelers …
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