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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2014-06-11

Red City #1
Review: Red City #1
3 Comic Reviews
In Daniel Corey and Mark Dos Santos' "Red City" #1, former Mars PD and ex-conman Cal Talmage is the only man for the job in an effort to find the Mercurian ambassador's daughter and stop certain war.
She-Hulk #5
Review: She-Hulk #5
3 Comic Reviews
In "She-Hulk" #5 by Charles Soule and Ron Wimberly, She-Hulk and her crack legal team of Angie Huang and Hellcat investigate leads about the Blue File and a mysterious lawsuit that no one remembers.
Angry Birds #1
Review: Angry Birds #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Angry Birds" #1 by Jeff Parker, Paul Tobin, Paco Rodriques, Marco Gervasio and Cesar Ferioli brings the game characters into a comic of their own and add some extra jokes and a little more dimension to the eternal Birds vs. Pigs combat.
The Empty Man #1
Review: The Empty Man #1
3 Comic Reviews
In Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey's "The Empty Man" #1, Special Agents Monica Jensen and Walter Langford try to get to the bottom of a pandemic that seems to have a mind of its own.
Abe Sapien #13
Review: Abe Sapien #13
3 Comic Reviews
"Abe Sapien" #13 has Mike Mignola, Scott Allie, and Sebastian Fiumara take Abe and his new friend Grace into a bad situation, while Guy Davis comes back to draw a flashback bonus story.
Astro City #13
Review: Astro City #13
3 Comic Reviews
Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's "Astro City" #13 is deliberately told out of order, but no matter what sequence you read the pages in, it's still a fantastic issue that merges love and art.
Nightcrawler #3
Review: Nightcrawler #3
3 Comic Reviews
"Nightcrawler" #3 continues to use an intensely boring new villain, Trimega, but Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck's scenes with Nightcrawler among the X-Men save the book from crashing and burning.
Figment #1
Review: Figment #1
3 Comic Reviews
A scientist's mesmonic invention conjures a dragon friend he created as a child and then sends them both through some sort of portal in Jim Zub and Felipe Andrade's "Figment" #1.
All-New X-Men #28
Review: All-New X-Men #28
3 Comic Reviews
"All-New X-Men" #28 moves the present storyline of the past X-Men fighting the future renegades forward, and also fills in the "Battle of the Atom" backstory, courtesy Bendis, Immonen, and von Grawbadger.
Armor Hunters #1
Review: Armor Hunters #1
3 Comic Reviews
Robert Venditti makes sure readers know what's going on in "Armor Hunters" #1, whether they read "X-O Manowar" or not. This alien threat is perfectly laid out by Doug Braithwaite, who makes a nice-looking & accessible story.
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