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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2014-01-29

Thunderbolts #21
Review: Thunderbolts #21
3 Comic Reviews
In Charles Soule & Carlo Barberi's "Thunderbolts" #21, most of the team is stuck in hell, where they broker a deal with the devil, Mephisto, that leads to an unexpected encounter with another familiar face.
Saga #18
Review: Saga #18
3 Comic Reviews
Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples close out their third arc in "Saga" #18 with the same emotionally resonant and beautiful storytelling that has defined the series.
The Saviors #2
Review: The Saviors #2
3 Comic Reviews
James Robinson and J. Bone's "The Saviors" #2 continues the excitement, even as we also get a lot of exposition about what's going on with the shapeshifting lizard aliens, and what Tomas's future holds.
Five Weapons #6
Review: Five Weapons #6
3 Comic Reviews
"Five Weapons" #6 is the triumphant return of Jimmie Robinson's comic set in a school for assassins, and it's a relief to see what began as a mini-series find a strong path to continue into the future.
Superior Spider-Man #26
Review: Superior Spider-Man #26
3 Comic Reviews
The endgame is in sight in Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Javier Rodriguez & Marcos Martin's "Superior Spider-Man" #26 as all three major plots in the book are set up for the Goblin Nation arc starting next issue.
Earth 2 Annual #2
Review: Earth 2 Annual #2
3 Comic Reviews
The new Batman's identity is revealed in the well-paced, superbly-drawn, and surprising "Earth 2 Annual" #2, by Tom Taylor, Robson Rocha, and Scott Hanna, which also provides the origin of, and link to, Earth 2's original Batman.
Miracleman #2
Review: Miracleman #2
3 Comic Reviews
"Miracleman" #2 feels a little overwritten in places, but the debut of Kid Miracleman in all his glory is a powerful moment courtesy Alan Moore and Garry Leach, and the never-reprinted flashforward is fun.
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