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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2014-01-08

Harbinger #20
Review: Harbinger #20
3 Comic Reviews
Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry start a new storyline in bold fashion in "Harbinger" #20, which introduces a new teenage character and gives a peek into a very troubling future.
Sheltered #6
Review: Sheltered #6
3 Comic Reviews
Creators Johnnie Christmas and Ed Brisson take the series on a bit of a welcome detour in "Sheltered" #6, although it's rather slow until its importance is realized. The simplicity of the art is a perfect match for the issue's everyday
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #4
Review: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #4
3 Comic Reviews
"Marvel Knights: Spider-Man" #4 by Matt Kindt and Marco Rudy has the same trippy, psychedelic feel as past issues, and while the mood is getting kind of old storywise, the eclectic art keeps it interesting and moving along well enough.
The Vampire Diaries #1
Review: The Vampire Diaries #1
3 Comic Reviews
"The Vampire Diaries" #1 by Colleen Doran and Anthony Shasteen presents "Vervain," a short story about the Salvatore brothers that is the kick-off for an anthology series set in the world of the popular CW TV series.
Revolutionary War: Alpha #1
Review: Revolutionary War: Alpha #1
3 Comic Reviews
A gorgeous Mark Brooks cover welcomes readers into a story that attempts to introduce a wider audience to the characters created under the Marvel UK imprint in "Revolutionary War: Alpha" #1 from Andy Lanning, Alan Cowsill and Rich Elson.
Fatale #19
Review: Fatale #19
3 Comic Reviews
Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's "Fatale" #19 brings the grunge-era storyline to an end with a bang, even as they gear up for the run up to the conclusion with issue #24.
Li’l Vampi #1
Review: Li’l Vampi #1
3 Comic Reviews
Both a "Li'l Vampi" story by Eric Trautmann and Agnes Garbowska and "Pantha" stories by Garbowska and writers Brandon and Orion Jerwa are strong but undermined by a poor layout in "Li'l Vampi" #1.
Detective Comics #27
Review: Detective Comics #27
3 Comic Reviews
Scott Snyder, Bryan Hitch and over twenty other top creators admirably and fittingly pay tribute to Batman and the character's enduring legacy on his 75th anniversary in the impressively-assembled "Detective Comics" #27.
Hawken: Melee #4
Preview: Hawken: Melee #4
3 Comic Previews
Corporate combat tears through a blissful family farm, changing the course of their lives irrevocably over the course of a decade. Featuring a story by Andrew E.C. Gaska (Space: 1999, …
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