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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-12-11

Lazarus #5
Review: Lazarus #5
3 Comic Reviews
Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's "Lazarus" #5 provides a peek at Forever's early years, giving context to her current situation, and raises the stakes on just about everything.
Alex + Ada #2
Review: Alex + Ada #2
3 Comic Reviews
In "Alex + Ada" #2 by Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna, Alex finds out what Ada is like after his grandmother's unceremonious but kindhearted gift, and grapples with the question of whether he wants to keep her.
Three #3
Review: Three #3
3 Comic Reviews
Practically everything goes wrong for the Helots, while practically everything goes right for the creative team, in this incredible third issue of Kieron Gillen & Ryan Kelly's "Three."
Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
Review: Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
3 Comic Reviews
Readers who miss Peter Parker might welcome the out-of-continuity "Amazing Spider-Man" #700.2, which looks crisp as drawn and colored by Klaus Janson and Steve Buccellatto, but David Morrell's story is derivative and somewhat weak.
Nova #11
Review: Nova #11
3 Comic Reviews
The series is on its third writer in less than a year, but "Nova" #11 has Gerry Dugan and Paco Media keeping the overall charm and high spirit of this comic alive and well.
Marvel Knights: Hulk #1
Review: Marvel Knights: Hulk #1
3 Comic Reviews
The Hulk hasn't shown up yet in "Marvel Knights: Hulk" #1, but Joe Keatinge's engaging story and Piotr Kowalski's detailed and textured art make that absence a non-issue. Colorist Nick Filardi and even letterer Clayton Cowles make
Deathmatch #12
Review: Deathmatch #12
3 Comic Reviews
"Deathmatch" #12 by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno is full of convoluted explanations and implausible scenarios that muddy up the conclusion to a comic that had worked just fine as a series of superhero battles.
Shaolin Cowboy #3
Review: Shaolin Cowboy #3
3 Comic Reviews
After a triumphant return in its first issue, Geof Darrow's "Shaolin Cowboy" #3 seems to be actively mocking its readership as if to say that they'll buy anything. Perhaps not the best way to keep readers on board.
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