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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-10-16

Regular Show #4
Preview: Regular Show #4
3 Comic Previews
Mordecai and Rigby’s quest finally comes to a close! And you wont want to miss how it all goes down! Written by acclaimed cartoonist KC Green (GUNSHOW) and with incentive …
Bushido #3
Preview: Bushido #3
3 Comic Previews
Kichiro is an outsider in feudal Japan. Lacking the Japanese blood that would allow him to become a samurai, Kichiro must fulfill his dreams of serving the shogun in a …
Sheltered #4
Preview: Sheltered #4
3 Comic Previews
Victoria and Hailey find themselves hunted, their only salvation the trappings of a bunker. Lucas’s true colors begin to show as he takes deadly measures to maintain control of the …
Whispers #6
Preview: Whispers #6
3 Comic Previews
After his journey through hell, Sam is able to untangle reality from fiction and discover the shocking truth about his powers. But when he confronts the source, will he be …
Zero #2
Preview: Zero #2
3 Comic Previews
Shanghai, 2019. An opulent skyscraper party full of terrorists looking for fresh funding. Edward Zero is about to sabotage it big time — and then the skyscraper starts to vanish, …
Wonder Woman #24
Preview: Wonder Woman #24
3 Comic Previews
After the shocking events of issue #23, Wonder Woman’s life has changed forever…but what if she refuses to walk the path the gods-and her mentor-have laid out for her? A …
Supergirl #24
Preview: Supergirl #24
3 Comic Previews
Brainiac and Cyborg Superman fight for the fate of Kara Zor-El! And when the cosmic dust settles, wait till you see the secret behind the villains and their shocking connection …
Ame-Comi Girls #8
Preview: Ame-Comi Girls #8
3 Comic Previews
Three new Ame-Comi Girls go on three separate solo missions to wrap up the series. Big Barda provokes a head-to-head confrontation with Darkseid, White Canary evens the odds in Vegas, …
Batman ’66 #4
Preview: Batman ’66 #4
3 Comic Previews
Batman and Robin head to 1960s London to take on The Mad Hatter! When the Caped Crusader hears that hats are being stolen from England’s famous Beefeaters, he knows it …
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