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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-08-07

Daredevil: Dark Nights #3
Review: Daredevil: Dark Nights #3
3 Comic Reviews
Lee Weeks wraps up his "Angels Unaware" story in "Daredevil: Dark Nights" #3, making his case for Daredevil being an extraordinary superhero but also playing into an ever-darkening trend on how to tell Daredevil stories.
Swamp Thing #23
Review: Swamp Thing #23
3 Comic Reviews
"Swamp Thing" #23 has Charles Soule, Kano, Dave Lapham and Alvaro Lopez turn out a story with ol' Swampy that would have been equally at home in the post-Alan Moore, pre-Vertigo era of this title.
X-Factor #260
Review: X-Factor #260
3 Comic Reviews
"X-Factor" #260 continues the series wind-down courtesy Peter David and Neil Edwards, but the fight between Polaris and Quicksilver feels a little too shrill to make us care about Polaris's role in whatever book comes next.
Fairest #18
Review: Fairest #18
3 Comic Reviews
"Fairest" #18 serves as a transition piece for Sean E. Williams and Stephen Sadowski's "The Return of the Maharaja," and while it serves an important function, it's the least interesting chapter so far.
Iron Man #14
Review: Iron Man #14
3 Comic Reviews
"Iron Man" #14 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land continues "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark: The Best Offense," as Tony tries to thwart Recorder 451's plan to install him as driver of the Godkiller weapon.
Satellite Sam #2
Review: Satellite Sam #2
3 Comic Reviews
In the second issue of Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin's highly anticipated "Satellite Sam," Dick Danning approaches the cast and crew of LeMonde Station's hit TV show "Satellite Sam" to persuade them to renew their contract
Sheltered #2
Review: Sheltered #2
3 Comic Reviews
In "Sheltered" #2 by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas, Victoria and Hailey discover the mass murder of all the adults in Safe Haven, and Lucas' end game starts to go a little wrong.
Pathfinder Goblins! #1
Review: Pathfinder Goblins! #1
3 Comic Reviews
The premier issue of new humorous fantasy comic "Pathfinder Goblins!" includes one great story and one not-so-great, but the art is excellent throughout and fantasy gaming fans will find a lot to like.
Sidekick #1
Review: Sidekick #1
3 Comic Reviews
Writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Tom Mandrake make a welcome return to the superhero genre in "Sidekick" #1, an uncomfortable but convincing story of a former hero who's long since fallen from public favor.
Avengers #17
Review: Avengers #17
3 Comic Reviews
A trio of pencilers finishes delivering the establishing shots to Marvel's "Infinity" in the pages of "Avengers" #17, co-written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer.
Green Lantern #23
Review: Green Lantern #23
3 Comic Reviews
"Green Lantern" #23 has Robert Venditti and Billy Tan still keeping extremely close ties to its sister titles, which makes the story involving new villain Prixiam Nol-Anj fade into the background.
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