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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-06-19

Dream Thief #2
Review: Dream Thief #2
3 Comic Reviews
"Dream Thief" #2 by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood follows John Lincoln as he involuntarily slips into murder victim Jimmy Oliver's memories and alternately plays detective and executioner.
Mara #5
Review: Mara #5
3 Comic Reviews
In "Mara" #5 by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle, Mara is powered up even further and undergoes even more personal loss, leading inexorably to a heavily foreshadowed cliffhanger that still has the power to shock.
Harbinger #13
Review: Harbinger #13
3 Comic Reviews
Writer Joshua Dysart's excellent "Harbinger Wars" event carries into his own "Harbinger" #13, where the teens face off against Bloodshot while trying to save a group of younger kids with powers of their own.
Occupy Comics #2
Review: Occupy Comics #2
3 Comic Reviews
Despite the big-name draw of Alan Moore, the real heart of "Occupy Comics" #2 is found in the stories of indie creators who use the visual medium of comics to put a personal face on all facets of the Occupy movement.
Batwoman #21
Review: Batwoman #21
3 Comic Reviews
What happens when Medusa transforms a second-tier villain into something more dangerous, only to have those powers fade? J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, and Francesco Francavilla's interlude returns to a forgotten foe.
Review: Demeter
3 Comic Reviews
Though it stands easily on its own, "Demeter" is the third story in a trilogy of stunningly haunting black and white comics by Becky Cloonan where nothing is quite what it seems.
A+X #9
Review: A+X #9
3 Comic Reviews
"A+X" #9 features two stories about rescuing Doctor Strange. First up is a Wolverine/Captain America team up in the Congo by Nathan Edmondson and Humberto Ramos; followed by a David Lapham romp starring Pixie, Eye Boy, and Quentin Quire.
Superior Spider-Man #12
Review: Superior Spider-Man #12
3 Comic Reviews
Dan Slott and Christos Gage share writing duties and put forth an admirable but flawed effort with "Superior Spider-Man" #12, which doesn't really advance the overall story but delivers a sufficiently entertaining chapter.
Captain Midnight
Review: Captain Midnight
3 Comic Reviews
One-time radio star Captain Midnight makes his way to Dark Horse's comic book stable in "Captain Midnight" #0 by writer Joshua Williamson and artists Victor Ibáñez, Pere Perez.
Avengers #14
Review: Avengers #14
3 Comic Reviews
"Avengers" #14 is billed as a prelude to "Infinity," but from this vantage point, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, and Stefano Caselli are just continuing the story from the past 13 issues, so don't get scared off.
Animal Man #21
Review: Animal Man #21
3 Comic Reviews
"Animal Man" #21 has Jeff Lemire, Steve Pugh and Francis Portela plunge Buddy Baker in the superstar life even as he grieves for his deceased son, and the end result is surprisingly compelling.
Batman and Batgirl #21
Review: Batman and Batgirl #21
3 Comic Reviews
As the retitled "Batman and Robin" continues with guest-star Batgirl, this latest step through the five stages of grief (courtesy Peter J. Tomasi and Cliff Richards) feels more like just "Batgirl" without "Batman and."
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