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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-05-15

X-Factor #256
Review: X-Factor #256
3 Comic Reviews
"X-Factor" #256 by Peter David and Leonard Kirk brings to a close the "Hell on Earth" war storyline as the book takes one more step towards its now-announced conclusion.
Batwoman #20
Review: Batwoman #20
3 Comic Reviews
Kate Kane can get her sister back from Director Bones, but only if she agrees to deliver Batman in J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, and Trevor McCarthy's "Batwoman" #20.
Fables #129
Review: Fables #129
3 Comic Reviews
"Fables" #129 brings "Snow White" to a conclusion, but Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham warned us that we shouldn't expect a happy ending when Snow White and Brandish square off one final time.
Sword of Sorcery #8
Review: Sword of Sorcery #8
3 Comic Reviews
Sword of Sorcery" #8 by Christy Marx, Aaron Lopresti, Travis Moore and John Livesay wraps up the final storyline of "Amethyst," in which Eclipso invades Nilaa, the Gemworld, and is determined to unite the power of all houses under his rule.
Nightwing #20
Review: Nightwing #20
3 Comic Reviews
"Nightwing" #20 continues the Chicago adventure, and in making it feel like a different city I'd say Kyle Higgins and Brett Booth are succeeding, even as the Prankster still feels curiously flat.
Iron Man #10
Review: Iron Man #10
3 Comic Reviews
Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham begin to spin a new origin story for Tony Stark in "Iron Man" #10, but while some of the smaller details are fun, this first chapter is decidedly average.
Nova #4
Review: Nova #4
3 Comic Reviews
"Nova" #4 brings a giant, white talking tiger down on Sam Alexander to go with the Chitauri fleet writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness start the issue with.
FF #7
Review: FF #7
3 Comic Reviews
Matt Fraction and Michael Allred wrap up the Wizard and Blastaar story in "FF" #7 in a way that is both fun and somewhat heartwarming. And in doing so, this series has found its own, good voice.
Dream Thief #1
Review: Dream Thief #1
3 Comic Reviews
Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood's "Dream Thief" #1 has a great story structure, as we learn all about John Lincoln and his life in the first half, only to watch it all crumble in the second half once he encounters an Aboriginal mask.
Fables #129
Preview: Fables #129
3 Comic Previews
Snow White’s life has been shattered in more ways than one. With no one else to turn to, to save her from the ruthless Prince Brandish, who claims to be …
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