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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-05-01

Suicide Risk #1
Review: Suicide Risk #1
3 Comic Reviews
Superpowered people have made a mess of everything in Mike Carey and Elena Casagrande's "Suicide Risk" #1 and it's up to good cops like Leo to even the playing field even if that means becoming superpowered himself.
Review: Shadowman
3 Comic Reviews
"Shadowman" #0 lets Justin Jordan and Roberto De La Torre present the new origin of Master Darque, for a nasty but interesting read that shows the Darques don't fall far from the tree.
Dial H #12
Review: Dial H #12
3 Comic Reviews
"Dial H" #12 brings everything to a head and teaches us more about the power of the dials, but it's hard to keep from feeling like China Mieville and Alberto Ponticelli are trying to wrap everything up.
All-New X-Men #11
Review: All-New X-Men #11
3 Comic Reviews
In "All-New X-Men" #11 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, one of the time-displaced original give X-Men decides to join current-day Cyclops' mutant revolution, and the resulting tug-of-war causes more than one character to behave b
Fairest #15
Review: Fairest #15
3 Comic Reviews
Sean E. Williams, Stephen Sadowski, and Phil Jimenez introduce a new group of characters in "Fairest" #15, and so far this new world based on the Indian subcontinent shows a lot of promise.
Animal Man #20
Review: Animal Man #20
3 Comic Reviews
"Animal Man" #20 has Jeff Lemire and John Paul Leon return to the movie world of "Tights" and Red Thunder, but this second time around it feels like a diversion that's been played out.
Aquaman #19
Review: Aquaman #19
3 Comic Reviews
Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier continue to celebrate everything there is to celebrate about Aquaman, from his many conflicts to the increasing cast of characters surrounding the current King of Atlantis in "Aquaman" #19.
Abe Sapien #2
Review: Abe Sapien #2
3 Comic Reviews
"Abe Sapien" #2, by Mike Mignola, Scott Allie and Sebastian Fiumara, gives a lot more of the title character than issue #1, but gets lost in continuity that may turn off all but the most hardcore Hellboy fans.
Age of Ultron #7
Review: Age of Ultron #7
3 Comic Reviews
"Age of Ultron" #1 from Brian Michael Bendis, Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco is has Wolverine and Sue Richards return to a future where things have changed and their need to survive against new threats.
Epic Kill #10
Review: Epic Kill #10
3 Comic Reviews
Raffaele Ienco's "Epic Kill" comes to its natural conclusion in a way that answers all questions, including some readers didn't know they had. Whether you're happy with the answers, though, is the big question.
Hawkeye #10
Review: Hawkeye #10
3 Comic Reviews
Matt Fraction and guest artist Francesco Francavilla tell the back story of a new character in "Hawkeye" #10, and while seeing more Kate Bishop is a victory, the comic itself never surpasses above average.
The Black Bat #1
Review: The Black Bat #1
3 Comic Reviews
"The Black Bat" #1 from Brian Buccellato and Ronan Cliquet is a false start as the creative team fractures the origin tale of Black Bat, keep the tale too simple and throw in a curve ball at the end.
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