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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-04-24

Morning Glories #26
Review: Morning Glories #26
3 Comic Reviews
"Morning Glories" #26 opens up a new set of questions that spins off from existing mysteries in Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma's supernatural suspense ongoing, expanding existing mythology and returning the spotlight to one of the original six
A+X #7
Review: A+X #7
3 Comic Reviews
Two short stories, one by Zeb Wells and Dale Keown pairing up dueling geniuses Iron Man and Beast; and the second by Christopher Yost, R'John Bernales and Chris Turcotte starring Thor and Iceman, are entertaining but slight in "A+X" #7.
Rachel Rising #16
Review: Rachel Rising #16
3 Comic Reviews
"Rachel Rising" #16 by Terry Moore begins with a cozy scene of Rachel, Jet, Aunt Johnny and Carol drinking coffee but quickly segues into two compact, dramatic scenes of ritual and sacrifice, one awash in fire, the other in blood.
Gambit #11
Review: Gambit #11
3 Comic Reviews
"Gambit" #11 by James Asmus, Clay Mann and Paco Medina brings Rogue into the series as she joins forces with Gambit and Joelle in the snow against Tombstone's henchmen.
Mighty Skullkickers #1
Review: Mighty Skullkickers #1
3 Comic Reviews
Jim Zub and Edwin Huang's Mighty Skullkickers #1 is actually part three of a fun swords-and-sorcery adventure (and a running gag of first issues) that's a great comic all around and a must-read for fantasy fans.
Avengers #10
Review: Avengers #10
3 Comic Reviews
Captain America leads a squad of Avengers up north to confront one of the seeds from the Gardeners in "Avengers" #10, drawn by Mike Deodato and written by Jonathan Hickman.
Jupiter’s Legacy #1
Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1
3 Comic Reviews
Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy" #1 plumbs familiar territory with the family tree of a super-powered family, but there's a promise to this start that hasn't been present for a while in Millar's scripts
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