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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-03-27

Aquaman #18
Review: Aquaman #18
3 Comic Reviews
In "Aquaman" #18, Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier begin a new story arc, ominously titled "Death of a King," as Arthur uneasily returns to reign in Atlantis, facing threats from at least three different directions.
Superman #18
Review: Superman #18
3 Comic Reviews
"Superman" #18 tries to move the series back on track, but Scott Lobdell's script being tackled by Aaron Kuder, Tyler Kirkham, and Robson Rocha results in one artist that doesn't quite fit.
A+X #6
Review: A+X #6
3 Comic Reviews
"A+X" #6 from Peter David, Giuseppe Camuncolli, Mike Costa and Stefano Caselli delivers a great Wolverine/Captain Marvel short and a flat Gambit/The Thing story. Both involve poker.
Time Warp #1
Review: Time Warp #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Time Warp" delivers nine stories by fantastic talent like Damon Lindelof, Gail Simone, Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt among others. And, yes, there are dinosaurs. And Adolf Hitler. Not at the same time, though.
Teen Titans #18
Preview: Teen Titans #18
3 Comic Previews
• Unknown to the Teen Titans, Red Robin’s condition is worsening after the events of “DEATH OF THE FAMILY.” And now Red Robin must face an even greater tragedy! • …
Talon #6
Preview: Talon #6
3 Comic Previews
• Batman uncovers more clues about Calvin’s mission in Gotham City…but will he stop The Talon or support him? • Secrets are revealed about Sebastian Clark that could endanger the …
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