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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-01-09

Clone #3
Review: Clone #3
3 Comic Reviews
"Clone" #3 by David Schuler and Juan Jose Ryp has Luke entering the lab complex with Patrick to rescue his wife and child, while Vice President Charles' conscience duels with his vanity.
Thunderbolts #3
Review: Thunderbolts #3
3 Comic Reviews
In "Thunderbolts" #3 by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon, the black ops team continues their first mission in Kata Jayan as it becomes clear that Red Hulk is keeping more than one element of his plan hidden from his team.
Stormwatch #16
Review: Stormwatch #16
3 Comic Reviews
As Peter Milligan and Will Conrad continue to wrap up plot threads from the title's original creative team, "Stormwatch" #16 is starting to feel like the title is getting a voice of its own.
Earth 2 #8
Review: Earth 2 #8
3 Comic Reviews
The basic idea behind James Robinson and Yildiray Cinar's "Earth 2" #8 sounds good in an outline form, but the actual execution of the Steppenwolf and Fury show feels remarkably flat and dull.
Ghost #3
Review: Ghost #3
3 Comic Reviews
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto serve up some exposition in "Ghost" #3, but the answers to a lot of the title's mysteries end up being satisfying rather than overwhelming.
Jinrise #1
Review: Jinrise #1
3 Comic Reviews
IDW strays away from their proven licensed comic properties to deliver "Jinnrise" #1 from writer Sohaib Awan and artist Tony Vassallo where a genie is summoned to defend the Earth from an alien invasion.
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