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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2013-01-02

Talon #3
Review: Talon #3
3 Comic Reviews
James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, and Guillem March's "Talon" feels a tiny bit aimless right now, but this new issue's supporting cast holds enough promise that you'll hope that they stick around to provide direction.
47 Ronin #2
Review: 47 Ronin #2
3 Comic Reviews
"47 Ronin" #2 by Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai reveals the single, catalytic event of injustice that leaves all of Lord Asano's samurai without a master, paving the way for a legendary and epic revenge plot.
Iron Man 3 Prelude #1
Review: Iron Man 3 Prelude #1
3 Comic Reviews
With Iron Man otherwise occupied, War Machine takes the spotlight in "Iron Man 3 Prelude" #1 by Christos Gage, Will Corona Pilgrim and Steve Kurth, which gives some tantalizing hints at "Iron Man 3."
Fatale #11
Review: Fatale #11
3 Comic Reviews
Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips tell the first of a series of one-off stories about Josephine's past in "Fatale" #11, and this tale from the 1930s is not only a great introduction to the series, it's plain great.
Glory #31
Review: Glory #31
3 Comic Reviews
Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell and guest Ulises Farinas start to wrap up the series with "Glory" #31, but as we witness the fall of Thule and hints about the fate of Riley, the only thing that is certain is nothing at all.
Red She-Hulk #61
Review: Red She-Hulk #61
3 Comic Reviews
In "Red She-Hulk" #61 Jeff Parker, Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves shift the spotlight off of Machine Man and onto the titanic female lead, giving Betty Ross more paneltime than she has had to this point in the series.
Review: Delphine
3 Comic Reviews
Richard Sala's "Delphine" is an extremely loose (and fittingly dark) retelling of "Snow White" that bears little resemblance to the original tale, but is entirely engrossing in its own way.
Flash #15
Review: Flash #15
3 Comic Reviews
"The Flash" #15 provides Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato (with an assist from Marcus To) to peer into the future in search of the outcome of the "Gorilla Warfare" storyline.
Superman Family Adventures #8
Review: Superman Family Adventures #8
3 Comic Reviews
The all ages interpretation of Superman courtesy of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani takes a story from the New 52 that lasted several issues and condenses it down to one adventure contained between the covers of "Superman Family Adventures" #8.
Punisher: Nightmare #1
Review: Punisher: Nightmare #1
3 Comic Reviews
The basic idea behind Scott M. Gimple and Mark Texeira's "Punisher: Nightmare" #1 -- a modern war veteran goes through the same experiences that turned Frank Castle in the Punisher -- isn't bad, but the execution is lacking.
I, Vampire #15
Review: I, Vampire #15
3 Comic Reviews
Joshua Hale Fialkov and Dennis Calero continue the saga of Andrew Bennett in the transitional "I, Vampire" #15, which moves pieces on the gameboard without revealing the final goal.
Anti #3
Preview: Anti #3
3 Comic Previews
Zachary and Jordan’s search for answers has pointed them in the direction of the mysterious reverend Charles Emmanuel. Their hunt leads them to a demon stronghold, where they are attacked …
New Avengers #1
Review: New Avengers #1
3 Comic Reviews
"New Avengers" #1 from Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting is really a Black Panther story in disguise. The New Avengers aspect is there, but most of it is either background or impenetrable.
Invincible #99
Review: Invincible #99
3 Comic Reviews
"Invincible" #99 is quite literally filled with splash pages drawn by Ryan Ottley to measure out the story set up by Robert Kirkman in anticipation of the series' centennial issue.
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