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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2012-10-10

Archer & Armstrong #3
Review: Archer & Armstrong #3
3 Comic Reviews
"Archer and Armstrong" #3 by writer Fred Van Lente and artists Clayton Henry and Pere Perez builds a world that is both familiar and fantastical, with lighthearted camaraderie flowering against the background of a race to reassemble a power
The Creep #2
Review: The Creep #2
3 Comic Reviews
Don't be scared by the title; with its investigation into the death of two teens, "The Creep" is rapidly turning out to be one of the best mini-series of the year, courtesy John Arcudi and Jonathan Case.
Morning Glories #22
Review: Morning Glories #22
3 Comic Reviews
The Truants reveal (a little) more of their game plan and Ian and Hunter have a geek-meets-geek conversation. Fantastic character interactions and mind-bending, still-opaque mysteries define "Morning Glories" #2 by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma.
X-Men #37
Review: X-Men #37
3 Comic Reviews
Things come to a head within Storm's team, as loyalties and betrayals are revealed in Brian Wood and David López's last issue of their fantastic "X-Men" run.
Punk Rock Jesus #4
Review: Punk Rock Jesus #4
3 Comic Reviews
In "Punk Rock Jesus" #4, more than one character dies, and Chris, clone of Jesus Christ, finally finds Punk Rock. Writer and artist Sean Murphy tells a grand, ambitious story about reality TV, religion and resistance in contemporary America.
Phantom Stranger #1
Review: Phantom Stranger #1
3 Comic Reviews
The Phantom Stranger continues his stroll through the DC Universe, introducing readers to a pair of once highly recognizable characters unimpressively reinterpreted for the relaunched universe.
Point of Impact #1
Review: Point of Impact #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Point Of Impact" is a black and white crime fiction miniseries by Jay Faerber and Koray Kuranel featuring two men mysteriously connected to one another that cross paths in the wake of a woman's shocking murder.
Stumptown #2
Review: Stumptown #2
3 Comic Reviews
The second volume of "Stumptown," subtitled "The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case" is exactly what you'd expect in a Greg Rucka story: action and suspense with a nice helping of lively Matthew Southworth art.
Anti #2
Preview: Anti #2
3 Comic Previews
Gale Anne Hurd’s (THE WALKING DEAD, TERMINATOR, ALIENS) action-series continues with this all new issue! Zachary is an expert at running from his past, but the future is his biggest …
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