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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2012-09-12

Harbinger #4
Review: Harbinger #4
3 Comic Reviews
In "Harbinger" #4, Toyo Harada makes new demands on Peter Stanchek, who shows no signs of settling well into The Harbinger Foundation and the bubbly Zephyr, Faith Herbert, breezes her way into the cast.
Chew #28
Review: Chew #28
3 Comic Reviews
In "Chew" #28, John Layman and Rob Guillory serve up another tasty plate of "Space Cakes." Toni Chu meets Poyo, John Colby and Caesar Valenzano team up, and Tony Chu spends most of the issue heavily drugged up and hallucinating.
The Massive #4
Review: The Massive #4
3 Comic Reviews
Beginning the book’s second story arc, “The Massive” #4 switches gears and takes the bulk of the action off the title’s primary vessel, The Kapital, and puts the story on …
Suicide Squad
Review: Suicide Squad
3 Comic Reviews
Adam Glass and Fernando Dagnino use "Suicide Squad" #0 as a platform to showcase how ruthless Amanda Waller can be. We really don't get much more than that out of this issue.
Fantastic Four #610
Review: Fantastic Four #610
3 Comic Reviews
The Fantastic Four are sent to A.I.M. Island to take on the Wizard. There's some clobberin' time, some surprises, and some chuckles -- everything expected from a Jonathan Hickman-written comic book.
Review: Batgirl
3 Comic Reviews
Gail Simone and Ed Benes deliver an incredible installment of "Batgirl" for zero month, taking readers back four years before the Joker came calling on Barbara Gordon.
Review: Grifter
3 Comic Reviews
"Grifter" #0 lets Rob Liefeld, Frank Tieri, Scott Clark and Dave Beaty show how Grifter was broken out of the experiment he was dropped into, but more important is Clark's handsome art.
Punk Rock Jesus #3
Review: Punk Rock Jesus #3
3 Comic Reviews
Sean Murphy's "Punk Rock Jesus" #3 hits the halfway point of this fantastic mini-series, with the clone of Jesus entering public school even as his birth mother nears her breaking point. And then things get crazy.
Review: Deathstroke
3 Comic Reviews
Rob Liefeld's short run comes to a close with "Deathstroke" #0, with a dry, by-the-numbers retelling of Deathstroke's origin with a little Team 7 action added in for good measure.
Review: Superboy
3 Comic Reviews
"Superboy" #0 should serve as a jumping on point for a new readers, but while Tom DeFalco and R.B. Silva's issue has great art, the story ultimately sums up everything not so good about "Superboy."
Resurrection Man
Review: Resurrection Man
3 Comic Reviews
Is Hooker's boss really who he claims to be and if so, how is that possible? "Resurrection Man" #0 explains all with a few clever twists, delivering a funny yet poignant origin story and an applause-worthy exit.
Team 7
Review: Team 7
3 Comic Reviews
In "Team 7" #0, Justin Jordan and Jesus Merino give us the formation of the group with a mixture of old faces, new faces and the little glimpses of the missions will make you want to see more.
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