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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2012-09-05

Swamp Thing
Review: Swamp Thing
3 Comic Reviews
Scott Snyder and Kano provide an accessible issue for new readers of "Swamp Thing," showcasing the villainous avatar of the Rot, Arcane, with horrific artwork.
Think Tank #2
Review: Think Tank #2
3 Comic Reviews
In "Think Tank" #2, Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal, hotshot scientific genius David Loren reveals why he created his treasonous "Godfather" plan and David's friendship with fellow scientist Mannish is put to the test.
Thief of Thieves #8
Review: Thief of Thieves #8
3 Comic Reviews
James Asmus takes a turn at the writing chores in "Thief of Thieves" #8, crafting a slower plot spinning out of the aftermath of the heist, with father and son separately facing very different consequences.
Damsels #1
Review: Damsels #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Damsels" #1 offers a look at a shared universe for many favorite leading ladies from fairy tales or legends in a manner that promises to raise many questions before it delivers any answers.
G.I. Combat
Review: G.I. Combat
3 Comic Reviews
"G. I. Combat" #0 has the Unknown Soldier in one story and dinosaurs in the other. I'm not sure where the series goes from here, but this one is enjoyable enough.
Earth 2
Review: Earth 2
3 Comic Reviews
In "Earth 2" #0, James Robinson and Tomás Giorello delve into the origin of Mr. 8, who narrates his "Hero's Tale" about how he came to turn on his team, like Ozymandias in a more boring costume.
Detective Comics
Review: Detective Comics
3 Comic Reviews
"Detective Comics" #0 is a tale from Bruce Wayne's past that almost reads like a fable. While Gregg Hurwitz and Tony Daniel's story stumbles over the hurdles of cliche, it eventually crosses the finish line.
Fairest #7
Review: Fairest #7
3 Comic Reviews
"Fairest" #7 puts the spotlight on the beautiful Lamia, as pursued by the Beast in the 1940s -- but Matthew Sturges and Shawn McManus provide their own twist for the characters involved.
Dial H
Review: Dial H
3 Comic Reviews
China Mieville and Riccardo Burchielli take full advantage of "Dial H" #0 by bringing a story set in the past that provides a huge and disturbing piece of information about the Dial.
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