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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2011-04-06

Sonic Universe #27
Preview: Sonic Universe #27
3 Comic Previews
“Fractured Mirror” Part Three: Silver joins an all-new, all-different band of Freedom Fighters in all-out war against Enerjak and his sinister Prelate minions! It’s a no-holds-barred battle in this dark …
Heroes For Hire #5
Review: Heroes For Hire #5
3 Comic Reviews
Misty Knight continues to battle The Puppet Master, as well as Frank Castle, The Punisher; Paladin and Iron Fist try their best to come to her rescue and get jumped by their own 'heroes for hire.'
Yesterday’s Tomorrows TPB
Preview: Yesterday’s Tomorrows TPB
3 Comic Previews
AN ECLECTIC AND STYLISH COLLECTION OF COMICS FROM RIAN HUGHES, RENOWNED ILLUSTRATOR AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Features infamous and hard-to-find collaborations with Eisner Award winner GRANT MORRISON: Dan Dare, a post-modern …
Poseurs OGN
Preview: Poseurs OGN
3 Comic Previews
An original YA graphic novel, POSEURS follows three teenagers from distinctly different corners of Los Angeles who meet in the underworld of LA nightlife and Hollywood parties-and get in over …
Orc Stain #6
Preview: Orc Stain #6
3 Comic Previews
“THROUGH MONDU PASS” A daring escape puts fugitive orc One-Eye and his would be ransomer Bowie between a rock and a hard place. The Orc Tzar’s continent-spanning mob hot on …
Nonplayer #1
Preview: Nonplayer #1
3 Comic Previews
The future kind of sucks, and that goes double for Dana Stevens – she’s stuck in a dead-end tamale delivery job, and she’s way too old to be living with …
Memoir #3
Preview: Memoir #3
3 Comic Previews
ISSUE THREE: BEWARE THE WOODS With Bob Rockman’s bizarre story about to be exposed to the world, Trent MacGowan is set to leave Lowesville and reap the rewards. At least, …
The Intrepids #2
Preview: The Intrepids #2
3 Comic Previews
“OH, DARIUS DREAD, YOU KILL ME.” The Intrepids are sent to track down Dante’s nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Koi. A key source of information is Darius Dread, a mercenary once …
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