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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2011-03-09

Magus #3
Review: Magus #3
3 Comic Reviews
As magic continues to break forth all over the world, our heroes try to get a handle on the situation which includes fighting a dragon in a Save-A-Lot, 'natch.
X-Men Legacy #246
Review: X-Men Legacy #246
3 Comic Reviews
As Mike Carey's "Age of X" alternate reality crossover heats up, it hits a dead run, both literally and figuratively, as Legacy tries to escape her own people and Fortress X itself in a bid for truth.
iZombie #11
Review: iZombie #11
3 Comic Reviews
Gwen takes a trip down memory lane, Ellie meets Spot's grandfather, currently in chimp form, Galatea and Amon continue a decades old argument, and Horatio tries to rescue his partner from the clan of Vampire chicks.
Sigil #1
Review: Sigil #1
3 Comic Reviews
"And I had another one of those dreams. The ones where my birthmark keeps popping up. I'm spooked Chrissie. I really don't want to have to go back into therapy."
Doom Patrol #20
Preview: Doom Patrol #20
3 Comic Previews
All super hero teams with a high-tech headquarters please take one step forward…not so fast, Doom Patrol! When Cliff, Larry and Rita are evicted from Oolong Island, they discover the …
Spawn #204
Preview: Spawn #204
3 Comic Previews
A MASSIVE MANHUNT ERUPTS IN THE PAGES OF THIS MONTH’S SPAWN! After a stint of silence, and unwillingness to give his enemies answers, Spawn suddenly loses the only person that …
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