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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2011-02-23

Justice Society of America #48
Review: Justice Society of America #48
3 Comic Reviews
"You mean apart from the fact that I killed the mayor, killed Lightning, took Dr. Fate (arguably your heaviest hitter, by the by) out of play and freed your friend Scythe, who's probably giving the Flash a Green Lantern broken neck special a
Power Girl #21
Review: Power Girl #21
3 Comic Reviews
"Max Lord! Dick, he stole the OMAC Project, he killed tens of thousands that time, he just framed Captain Atom in Magog's murder and killed nearly another 900 civilians in Chicago! He killed Ted Kord."
Green Arrow #9
Review: Green Arrow #9
3 Comic Reviews
"Phantom Stranger. And you just saw what he does best - swoop in with some vague mumbo jumbo then disappear to let us all ponder its meaning. As if we didn't have better things to do with our time."
Echoes #3
Preview: Echoes #3
3 Comic Previews
A Tale of Suspense and Psychological Horror! Detective Robert Neville has been helpful to Brian Cohn, who is finding himself a potential suspect in a missing child case. But when …
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