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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2010-01-27

New Avengers #61
Review: New Avengers #61
3 Comic Reviews
Not exactly the promised "Siege" tie-in as the event is only hinted at while Bendis focuses on the continued feud between the Avengers and the H's gang.
Fantastic Four #575
Review: Fantastic Four #575
3 Comic Reviews
Marvel's house ads for this issue show an image of a decomposing Galactus. That's in here, but not in the way you think. Or maybe it is exactly the way you think. At any rate, Mole Man makes an appearance too.
Chew #8
Review: Chew #8
3 Comic Reviews
Determined to decide if "Chew" is really as fun (fun?!?) as he's heard and read, Doug samples (ha! Get it?) the most recent issue. Mmmm. Not bad. Funny aftertaste, but not bad. . .
Ultimate Enemy #1
Review: Ultimate Enemy #1
3 Comic Reviews
Marvel's solicits threaten us with the revelation of the "face of true evil in the Ultimate Universe," but we never see the face in this issue. We do, however, see some great Rafa Sandoval art.
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