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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2009-12-09

Unwritten #8
Review: Unwritten #8
3 Comic Reviews
When does an innocent belief in fiction cross the line into delusion? That's what the latest "Unwritten" asks, but the answer is undercut by the book's larger narrative somewhat.
Magog #4
Review: Magog #4
3 Comic Reviews
What happens when you take a character that embodies all that's bad about superhero comics in the '90s and give him his own book? It's bad. Surprise!
Doom Patrol #5
Review: Doom Patrol #5
3 Comic Reviews
"Blackest Night" continues here with the "resurrected" Doom Patrollers raising hell on Oolong Island. In the backup tale, the Metal Men take on artificially intelligent mannequins, the Clique.
Batgirl #5
Review: Batgirl #5
3 Comic Reviews
The Batman corner of the DC Universe gets kinda cozy and more than a little bit awkward in this issue as Batman and Robin -- Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne -- cross paths with the new Batgirl.
Toy Story
Review: Toy Story
3 Comic Reviews
BOOM Kids! continues to add new ongoing titles to their lienup. This time, it's the return of Woody and Buzz. This issue features a different kind of return altogether. Where toys are involved, "return" is a word they don't want to hea
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