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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2009-03-04

Jonah Hex #41
Preview: Jonah Hex #41
3 Comic Previews
The conclusion of “Sawbones: A Grindhouse Western”! Doctor Zimmerman has been torturing and experimenting on people for years and seen the inside of dozens – maybe hundreds – of bodies. …
Black Panther #2
Review: Black Panther #2
3 Comic Reviews
Since Dr. Doom is on the cover, I think I can safely reveal that Doom attacked the Black Panther in the last issue. This leads to a new, female Black Panther, who still doesn't appear in this book.
No Hero #4
Review: No Hero #4
3 Comic Reviews
Ellis' examination of what it takes to be a superhuman continues as the Front Line's newest recruit debuts for the public. That is, if his skin will stop falling off.
The Goon #32
Preview: The Goon #32
3 Comic Previews
The Goon’s tenth anniversary is upon us! To celebrate, we present this special Goon Anniversary issue, picking up right where Goon Year left off — featuring thirty-two pages of story …
Dead Irons #2
Preview: Dead Irons #2
3 Comic Previews
Hell comes to North Point as the remorseless Irons siblings spread unbridled violence and their monstrous curse to the helpless town folk. When the moon ascends over the burning scar …
Army of Darkness #17
Preview: Army of Darkness #17
3 Comic Previews
Ash faces his most deadly challenge yet as he faces a mountainside possessed by the power of the Necronomicon in the thrilling conclusion to “Hellbillies and Deadnecks” Written by Mike …
The Boys #28
Preview: The Boys #28
3 Comic Previews
Butcher has warned Hughie to quit his undercover activities, so what’s he doing at Silver Kincaid’s memorial service? Godolkin oversteps the mark, MM stumbles onto something dreadful, and- much to …
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