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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2009-02-25

Thunderbolts #129
Review: Thunderbolts #129
3 Comic Reviews
On this week's episode of "Normie's Thunderbolts": When America gets a new president, Normie and the Thunderbolts gang cook up a zany scheme to get in his good books, while Songbird learns a valuable lesson from a homeless man! Friday 8:30 Eastern
Wonder Woman #29
Preview: Wonder Woman #29
3 Comic Previews
“Rise of The Olympian” part 4! Featuring an “Origins and Omens” backup story! The Olympians have risen to begin their all-out assault on war across the globe! One particular attack …
Trinity #39
Preview: Trinity #39
3 Comic Previews
The war to save all of reality rages on and is waged in the memory of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But the legendary Trinity battle to end the conflict …
Superman #685
Preview: Superman #685
3 Comic Previews
An “Origins and Omens” issue! Continued from ACTION COMICS #874! With “New Krypton” behind him (for now), Superman must come to terms with the death of Pa Kent. And things …
Green Lantern #38
Preview: Green Lantern #38
3 Comic Previews
A “Faces of Evil”issue! The War of Light ignites as the first bizarre battle with the Red Lanterns comes to a blood-fueled conclusion. But what unexpected fate has befallen Atrocitus, …
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