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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2009-01-28

Superman #684
Review: Superman #684
3 Comic Reviews
The twelfth installment of the triangle number renaissance is also the first post-"New Krypton" issue in the Man of Steel's primary title. Add in a little Parasite and some Zod and this is an interesting direction to be pointed in.
Blue Beetle #35
Review: Blue Beetle #35
3 Comic Reviews
The penultimate chapter in the adventures of Jaime Reyes finds the "Blue Beetle" once more balancing legacy, family and friends. While this might be the second-to-last issue of this title, it's not too late to join the fun.
New Avengers #49
Review: New Avengers #49
3 Comic Reviews
The whereabouts of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones's missing daughter are revealed! The ramifications of Cage joining up with Norman Osborn are felt! And, the Avengers get their first glimpse of Norman Osborn's new Avengers!
Glamourpuss #5
Review: Glamourpuss #5
3 Comic Reviews
Dave Sim concludes his look at Alex Raymond's art with an eye on what came next, and targets age-defying products. Plus, a special appearance by everyone's favorite aardvark!
Superman #684
Preview: Superman #684
3 Comic Previews
In this “New Krypton”epilogue and “Faces of Evil”issue, the crisis on Earth between Kryptonians and humans has been averted for now, but the threat of the Parasite remains very, very …
Wonder Woman #28
Preview: Wonder Woman #28
3 Comic Previews
“Rise of the Olympian”part 3 and a “Faces of Evil”issue! The Olympians are on Earth, and they’re making their presence felt across the world! The JLA joins forces with Wonder …
Trinity #35
Preview: Trinity #35
3 Comic Previews
There’s war on Earth, war in space and war in another dimension. And at the heart of it all stands a desperate mission to track down and save Superman, Batman …
The Ferryman #5
Preview: The Ferryman #5
3 Comic Previews
Everything has been leading up to this moment! Will Gideon side with the angels or throw away his last chance at salvation? Extreme carnage and double-crosses abound as all our …
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