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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2008-11-26

Madame Xanadu #6
Review: Madame Xanadu #6
3 Comic Reviews
Borrowing the soothsayer of the DC Universe and elevating her to star status, Matt Wagner gives "Madame Xanadu" a chance to grow, shine and entertain. Teamed with the fresh abilities of Amy Reeder Hadley, this title is quite unlike anything else
Superman #682
Review: Superman #682
3 Comic Reviews
The Kryptonians decide that the only way things are going to get any better on Earth is if they take matters into their own hands. Turns out, things don't always go according to plan, even for Kryptonians.
Glamourpuss #4
Review: Glamourpuss #4
3 Comic Reviews
Part process book on Alex Raymond's inking style, part fashion magazine parody, not a wholly successful comic book, but still quite interesting and most certainly unique.
Push #2
Preview: Push #2
3 Comic Previews
In anticipation of next year’s blockbuster new movie Push, comes this action-packed prequel miniseries! A secret war is about to begin, fought on battlefields obscured in shadow . . . …
DMZ #36
Preview: DMZ #36
3 Comic Previews
“The Island” Part 2 of 2. The mysteries of Staten Island are revealed to Matty Roth, who quickly realizes things are worse than he was told. And when the situation …
Unknown Soldier #2
Preview: Unknown Soldier #2
3 Comic Previews
The mystery surrounding the new Unknown Soldier deepens as Moses awakes with his face covered in bandages and his mind filled with military tactics and knowledge. But how does rogue …
Wonder Woman #26
Preview: Wonder Woman #26
3 Comic Previews
“Rise of the Olympian” begins! Penciller Aaron Lopresti returns to the series just in time for Wonder Woman’s world to change radically! For months, speculation over a new, male Wonder …
Trinity #26
Preview: Trinity #26
3 Comic Previews
The heroic Trinity is long gone and their legacy fades by the minute. But where exactly are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – and will they ever return? Don’t miss …
Teen Titans #65
Preview: Teen Titans #65
3 Comic Previews
After creating a deadly threat to keep the rest of the Teen Titans busy, Wonder Girl’s new enemy challenges her in open combat. Alone and weakening by the moment, Wonder …
Superman #682
Preview: Superman #682
3 Comic Previews
Following closely on the stirring events of SUPERGIRL #35, “New Krypton” part 6 sees the unrest between the Kryptonians and humankind rapidly spin out of control. Superman knows it’s only …
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