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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2008-11-12

Galveston #1
Review: Galveston #1
3 Comic Reviews
"You know, Lafitte, I think the only think more dangerous than being your enemy is being your friend." Jim Bowie offers that insight in the first issue of "Galveston", a buddy book from BOOM! The danger to the reader is minimal, but th
Gravel #6
Review: Gravel #6
3 Comic Reviews
Warren Ellis' combat magician finds himself with a problem magical bullets won't solve: wealth, social class, and a group of acolytes who want him to teach them the way of magic.
Trinity #24
Preview: Trinity #24
3 Comic Previews
The heroic Trinity is long gone and their legacy fades by the minute. But where exactly are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – and will they ever return? Don’t miss …
Titans #7
Preview: Titans #7
3 Comic Previews
Match, the imperfect clone of Conner Kent, shows up at the Tower looking for a fight. But the Titans’ old teammate Jericho is still trapped inside him! To subdue Match …
Nightwing #150
Preview: Nightwing #150
3 Comic Previews
Special oversized “Batman R.I.P.” tie-in issue! Believing Nightwing responsible for the death of an old flame, Two-Face has sworn his revenge upon Batman’s first Robin and New York City itself. …
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