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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2008-09-10

The Dragon Prince #1
Review: The Dragon Prince #1
3 Comic Reviews
"Dragon Prince," from Ron Marz and Lee Moder, follows the trials and tribulations of 14-year-old Aaron Chiang. Aaron's mother, April, writes novels about dragons, which Aaron didn't really think twice about. Until now.
Necronomicon #1
Preview: Necronomicon #1
3 Comic Previews
In last month’s Cthulu Tales #5, Mark Waid seeded clues and hints to the scope of BOOM!’s new “horrorverse”. Now that the Necronomicon has been opened, writer William Messner-Loebs brings …
High Rollers #2
Preview: High Rollers #2
3 Comic Previews
Crime does pay! In this pulse-pounding issue, CQ moves up the ranks with a power maneuver that makes Tony Soprano’s machinations look like child’s play. Critically acclaimed mystery novelist Gary …
The Darkness #5
Preview: The Darkness #5
3 Comic Previews
After having lost control of his Darkness powers, Jackie is wracked with guilt, but a near-death experience may prove his true mettle once and for all. Meanwhile, the pregnant Elle …
The Odd Squad #1
Preview: The Odd Squad #1
3 Comic Previews
As the new head of the Office of Dimensional Defense (O.D.D.), Charlotte Becker fails to get her first pick among the department’s new recruits. When the best she can get …
Highlander: Armageddon
Preview: Highlander: Armageddon
3 Comic Previews
The third and final volume of writer Brandon Jerwa’s powerful run on Highlander is collected here! “ARMAGEDDON” stars Duncan MacLeod and picks up from the shocking events of Highlander: Endgame …
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