Former Captain Marvel Artist Reveals Rejected Comic Designs

When Carol Danvers took on the Captain Marvel mantle in 2012, her costume underwent a significant redesign courtesy of artist Jamie McKelvie. But McKelvie, as it turns out, wasn't the only one to take a stab at redoing her outfit; Dexter Soy, who provided the art for the first arc of Carol's then-new book, has revealed some of the designs he developed for Carol back in the day.

The majority of the designs call back to Carol's red and black Ms. Marvel outfit, with the exception being design #7, which calls back to her Kree heritage with the green and black. When asked by a fan why Marvel didn't go with the first design, Soy simply said that it was "too dark villain-y" for a superhero's costume. Designs of Carol sans helmet are also shown, sketches that seem to be on par with what he would end up doing. All of Soy's designs look more militaristic than what ended up being used for Carol's new outfit, though in some respects, most of them could've worked for her in her upcoming film.

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Since departing Captain Marvel, Soy has worked primarily at DC. He provided art for Mortal Kombat X's prequel comic, and was the primary artist for DC Rebirth's Red Hood & the Outlaws. Soy's next DC gig is illustrating the upcoming Batman & the Outsiders comic, due for release next year.

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