Reis and Prado Replace Jim Lee as Ongoing "Justice League" Artists

There's a major creative shift afoot in the pages of DC Comics' "Justice League" #15 this December. Reported by Buzzfeed and confirmed by The Source, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado will join the "Justice League" creative team following the departure of current ongoing series artist Jim Lee.

"There is no other choice for the next A-Star art team on 'Justice League,'" writer Geoff Johns told Buzzfeed. "Ivan Reis and Joe Prado bring power, grace, emotion and epic storytelling worthy of the world's greatest super heroes. From 'Green Lantern' to 'Blackest Night' to 'Aquaman,' I couldn't ask for better collaborators. The second year of 'Justice League' will begin an adventurous, mysterious and heroic storyline focusing on our members as their greatest secrets are revealed...and the repercussions change the world. Ivan and Joe begin with a story they were born to draw -- 'Throne of Atlantis' -- a story between 'Justice League' and 'Aquaman' that will have the League experiencing what Aquaman does -- they'll be caught between land and sea. With new relationships developing -- like Wonder Woman and Superman -- new members coming on -- like Shazam! and the all-new Atom -- and new threats rising -- like Ocean Master & Atlantis -- the Justice League will grow and change as we march towards the impending 'Trinity War.'"

Reis and Prado will take over from Lee for "Justice League" #15, scheduled to hit December 26. Both artists have worked with Johns in the past -- Reis on "Green Lantern" and Prado on the New 52's "Aquaman."

Although Lee will no longer continue as "Justice League" artist, DC teased that his departure from the flagship title signals "major news" in store for the Co-Publisher and fan-favorite artist that will likely be revealed next month at New York Comic Con 2012.

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