"Reinfield:" Bug eating character from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" gets his story

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Ann Arbor, MI – Renfield, the crazed inmate that foretold of Dracula's coming in the classic horror novel, is explored in depth in this clever and thought provoking tale from writer Gary Reed and artist, Galen Showman.

Desperado Publishing, through Image Comics, will release the haunting and sophisticated graphic novel in November, 2006. Originally released from Caliber Comics in 1996, the Desperado trade paperback will be presented in the original black and white art and run 192 pages. In addition to the story, the novel is infused with letters, notes, and journal entries as that was the format of Stoker's novel.

This story explores not only the relationship of Dracula and Renfield but the torment that Renfield felt as a man possessed by almost demonic forces. Impassioned with the zeal of a religious fanatic, Renfield struggles to grasp the overwhelming need to serve the darkness against his humanity.

Creator and writer, Gary Reed, says, "as Renfield is slowly being consumed by the madness because of the visions and voices that intrude upon his dreams and nightmares, he must try to understand the mysterious message that his "master" or "messiah" (Dracula) is asking of him." Reed said that the character of Renfield, upon discovering that Dracula is offering him eternal life in exchange for servitude, comes to grasp that in order for a being like Dracula to live, others must die.

As a writer, Reed has often delved into literature for the basis of his comic stories. He has written works utilizing such classics as Dante's Inferno, August Strindberg's Ghost Sonata, and wrote two graphic novel adaptations for Penguin Books, Frankenstein and Dracula.

"With writing Renfield and then adapting Dracula for Penguin," Reed says, "I've gotten to know the characters and the stories very well." Reed added that the Renfield storyline stays true to the original story in chronological order and events.

Joe Pruett, publisher of Desperado Publishing, is excited to bring Renfield to comic fans. "This was one of Caliber's most acclaimed works and was one of my personal favorites. I think its Gary's best work and Galen Showman proved just how talented he was as an artist. This is just a great, great book."

Originally a comic series from Caliber Comics, the printed material was combined with new material for a limited release trade in 1997. This NEW edition, coming from Image Comics in November 2006 features additional scenes, reworked artwork, an artist's sketchbook, notes from the writer, and modifications on the text and art throughout.

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