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LOS ANGELES (6/15/2004) - Fan favorite author Brian K. Vaughan, of Y The Last Man, The Runaways and now Ultimate X-Men fame, announced today the first annual Ex Machina Voter Registration Day, a nation-wide campaign to give free copies of Wildstorm's Ex Machina to comic readers who register to vote. Vaughan, a creator known for grand promotion and his passion for the political process, has out-done himself with this first of it's kind comic industry promotion which has found national partners in both Rock The Vote and Apple Computers.

"This is it people, this is your chance to score free comics and to get your voice heard!" said Vaughan, "Comic book readers represent one of the most intelligent and educated groups of young people in the country, and if there's anyone whose voices should be heard on a national political level, it's ours. So I'm going to give you every excuse you need to get yourself registered... and that's free copies of Ex Machina!"

Ex Machina, the on-going monthly comic offering from Vaughan and superstar artist Tony Harris has generated tremendous buzz within the industry. Fans, retailers and critics alike have embraced Vaughan's unique story telling abilities on hit books such as Y The Last Man and the Runaways, and industry news sites have been abuzz with sneak previews of Tony Harris' long-awaited return to monthly comic work. But more than anything else it has been the series premise which has really generated attention to Ex Machina, a fast-paced political thriller with a superheroic twist that gives a behind closed doors look at a superhero mayor of New York City. Think "Unbreakable" meets the "West Wing" and you'll have a good idea what Vaughan and Harris have in mind for this pulse-quickening mature readers title.

The series launch of Ex Machina presented Vaughan with the perfect opportunity to make his dream of helping get comic readers registered to vote a reality, "I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, that's not what this is about. The Ex Machina Voter Registration Day is all about helping get comic readers out there to get their foot in the door to the political process. It's about helping people get off their butts and get involved in the world around them. It's about encouraging young people and first time voters to get out to the polls and get their voices heard."

The idea for the event took several weeks to solidify Vaughan said, "While I initially thought it would be cool to make Ex Machina available only to those who were registered to vote already, the reality is that it's impossible to enforce, so I decided to take a more proactive hand in things. I decided I wanted to get new people registered to vote and I wanted to do it on as big of a scale as I possibly could. Knowing my mission was far too big for one man to handle on his own I got on the phone and introduced myself to the one person I knew who could help me take this idea and turn it into a reality. James Sime and the Isotope staff are the only ones crazy enough, brilliant enough, and creative enough to make something like this happen!"

Sime, the proprietor behind the award-winning San Francisco comic shop Isotope - the comic book lounge, was enthusiastic from the moment he heard about Vaughan's plans. "Helping Brian get comic fans out to the polls is definitely something I wanted to be part of," Sime said "This is the kind of promotion the comic industry needs to do more often. With all the attention the mainstream media has been giving to comics over the past couple years and with the industry's readers consisting of so many smart, thoughtful, and educated people our industry really has the potential make a difference. Brian's idea to bribe readers with great books to get them registered to vote is a brilliant one! And besides, I drive an American car and I'm living the American dream, so you know I'm more than happy to encourage people to take part in the American political process!"

Getting involved in the political process and getting a free copy of Ex Machina #1 is simplicity itself, Vaughan stressed, "We want this to be as easy as possible for every eligible American voter to take part in, so you can register in person, or you can do it on-line. While supplies last we'll be mailing comics directly to your front door to any eligible voter who registers on Saturday, June 19th."

To register to vote on-line and get your free copy of Ex Machina #1 use the following link:

Then forward your confirmation email from Heidi Pendergast at Rock The Vote along with where you would like your copy of Ex Machina to be mailed to the Ex Machina Registration Day World Headquarters at jamessime@earthlink.net. The staff will be mailing out your copy in a few short days.

"You'll need to register on the day of the event to be eligible for your free issue, so plan your weekend schedule around it," said Sime, "Brian and I really want to make sure you all get copies, but remember that we don't have an unlimited amount of Ex Machina #1s, so it's first come, first serve. One copy per household please, and don't forget to include your current mailing address when you forward your confirmation email, or we won't know where to mail your copy!"

Vaughan, who will be over-seeing the registration process in person and celebrating the day alongside fans at the Isotope, couldn't be more pleased with the way he and Sime were able to work together to get the event up and running. "For those who can come and do the event in person with us I think this is going to be one of the best in-store appearances ever! James and I have got both Rock The Vote and Apple Computer on board for the in-store event, which takes place at the Isotope on Saturday June 19th from noon to midnight. This is going to be a blast! We'll get you registered, and get a great comic into your hands, the rest is up to you!"

For those who will be registering in person the Ex Machina Registration Day celebration takes place at Isotope - the comic book lounge, located on 1653 Noriega St in San Francisco. For more information on the in-store event consult the Isotope's website or call the Isotope at (415) 753-3037. For more information and for a sneak peek at Ex Machina see the official Ex Machina website.

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