Reger hopes to Kickstart Emily and the Strangers animated single

Why should Emily and the Strangers, the band formed in the current Dark Horse miniseries by the perpetually 13-year-old Emily the Strange, be restricted to comics? As far as creator Rob Reger is concerned, it shouldn't be. And so he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to make Emily and her band real.

Reger plans to create an animated Emily and the Strangers single -- the first release from Emily's record label Strangerous -- in collaboration with John King (Dust Brothers, Beck, Tenacious D), Money Mark (Beastie Boys) and Chantal Claret (Morningwood)  and animators Ghostbot Studios. If all goes according to plan, the animated single will be officially release in July at Comic-Con International.


There's just one hitch: Reger needs $55,000 to make it happen (be breaks down where the money will go on the Kickstarter page). To help reach that goal, he's offering rewards likes passes to the animation screening, Kickstarter-exclusive posters, vinyl singles, signed original artwork, video chats and more. The Kickstarter campaign ends May 11.

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