Regarding the Sales of All Star Batman and Robin #10

Brian Hibbs has a good article out (despite the rather odd stylistic choice to do the article in a style like All Star Batman) about how he feels about those retailers who decided to ignore DC Comics' request to destroy their uncorrected copies of All Star Batman and Robin #10.

As Hibbs argues, these bad apples make the rest of the comic book retailing industry look bad.

Do you agree?

Looking at it, my big concern is - is there really going to be ANY penalty for these stores that decided to sell them? I see stores proudly using their store name as they sell copies of the book on eBay, so there does not exactly seem to be any fear of reprisal from DC. And if there isn't going to be any penalty, then what's the point of stores pulping them when, as Hibbs also notes, it is like printing $40 bills for stores who can easily do a 1000% mark-up on the issue on eBay.

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