Regarding the Ending of Batman and Robin #16...

Spoilers, of course, for those who have not yet read the issue.

If you read the end of that issue and your thought was, "But now people will figure out Bruce Wayne is Batman!" then superhero comics might not be your thing.

I've read a bunch of different people express that thought, that people MUST be able to figure it out now and I just don't get it.

In the DC Universe, the most famous superhero on Earth fools award-winning journalists who work closely by him day after day by combing his hair differently and wearing eyeglasses.

Bruce Wayne publicly funding Batman without people putting two and two together is perfectly in keeping with the logic of the DC Universe (and Morrison being Morrison, it almost certainly is intended as an intentional comparison to the aforementioned Superman scenario).

Robin's disguise for 60-plus years has been a domino mask, and yet Bruce Wayne publicly funding Batman without people realizing he is Batman stretches your disbelief too much? You should just embrace the reality of superhero comics. If you can buy that a guy dresses like a bat to fight crime alongside people who can fly, I think you can buy that people won't figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

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