ReedPOP Plans "Pure Comic-Focused" Show for New York City in June

ReedPOP, producers of C2E2 and New York Comic Con, will bring another comic convention to New York City this June, CBR News has confirmed. The two-day "Special Edition: NYC" is scheduled for the Javits Center on June 14 and June 15, and ReedPOP global vice president Lance Fensterman calls it a "pure comic-focused show," in contrast to the more wide-ranging NYCC.

"It's really about creators, artists, dealers and some publishers," Fensterman told CBR. "We're trying to keep it really pure to comics, [with] a little bit of kind of an indie bent to it. Just something for that pure comic fan, and something for the creator community."

Special Edition: NYC will be held in Javits Center North, the same location as NYCC's Artist Alley for the past two years, along with a couple of nearby panel rooms hosting programming. Capacity will be somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 people a day, according to Fensterman. (Last October's reported New York Comic Con attendance was more than 130,000 over four days.)

It was the unique experience offered by NYCC's Artist Alley -- where it's been separate from the busy main convention floor, in a space that offers natural light and high ceilings -- that inspired Special Edition: NYC.

"After every show we do, we do really in-depth research, and with artists, exhibitors, fans, professionals, where they give extremely detailed feedback about how the show was for them -- about 40 or 50 questions," Fensterman said. "Across the board, from both artists and fans, Artist Alley was the single highest-rated component of the show. The satisfaction numbers were crazy, crazy high. If they were that satisfied with it, maybe they want more. From there, it wasn't much of a leap to think of that as a standalone event, because of the way it felt."

Fensterman said the new event is in part a response to criticism that the focus of major comic book conventions has strayed away from comic books themselves.

"We started as a pure comics event," he said. "That's what New York Comic Con was, and it's grown and grown. We felt having something that was still consistently focused on and serving that core comic fan and community was true to our vision when we started this whole game."

An official Special Edition: NYC announcement should be coming in the next couple of weeks, Fensterman said, including ticket sales and guest announcements. This year's New York Comic Con will be held four months after Special Edition: NYC, from Oct. 9-Oct. 12.

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