Reducio! You can buy tiny 'Harry Potter' books and newspapers

PetiteUniques makes everyone's favorite "Harry Potter" stories miniature.

The Etsy shop takes books and newspapers from the wizarding world, and shrinks them down to 1/12th of their original size, perfect for "Harry Potter" collectors with limited space.

The shop has a number of Harry Potter items available, including Daily Prophets, textbooks and potions. The tiny Daily Prophets are complete with headlines detailing Severus Snape's appointment as Hogwarts headmaster, a mass breakout from Azkaban, the wizarding world being revealed to muggles, and more. The books available include "Hogwarts: A History" and "Quidditch Through the Ages."

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The shop even has an option to create and design your own book, meaning you can get a miniature of any book from "Harry Potter" or other pop culture universe you desire. The store also has other famous novels in tiny form, including "The Scarlet Letter," "The Picture of Dorian Grey" and "Crime and Punishment."

PetiteUniques doesn't use the Reducio spell to shrink the items; instead, all of the items are handcrafted out of a variety of materials. The shop ships worldwide from the United Kingdom.

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