Redshift teams with Oni and SLG

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-April 24, 2003-Dallas Middaugh announced today theformation of Redshift, a company dedicated to providing salesrepresentation and business development services with a focus on graphicnovels and animation. Comic book and graphic novel publishers Slave LaborGraphics and Oni Press have engaged Redshift to extend the publishers'reach into mass market bookstores.

Middaugh, an executive with eight years experience in entertainmentpublishing and media, created Redshift in response to the growing marketfor graphic novels. "Graphic novel sales have more than doubled for twoyears running and remain the biggest growth category in bookstorestoday," said Middaugh. "More than the traditional comics companies,independent publishers are best suited to take advantage of that growth."One of Redshift's first deals has resulted in a special edition releaseof Ted Naifeh's Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things, published by OniPress, exclusively to Waldenbooks and Borders in June. "Oni and SlaveLabor have such an amazing backlist," noted Middaugh. "I have a hugeamount of confidence in their books."

Middaugh recently left Viz, LLC, where he was the director of sales andmarketing for three years. During his tenure, net revenue tripled from2001 to 2002. Middaugh also contributed to the launch of Shonen Jumpmagazine and negotiated a variety of business deals with many majorcompanies in the U.S. and Japan. Prior to this, Middaugh was the businessdevelopment manager at Prima Games, where he oversaw the licensing ofvideo game strategy guides.

Both Oni and Slave Labor expressed excitement about the new relationship."Dallas brings two great attributes to the table," said Joe Nozemack,publisher for Oni Press. "First, the buyers at the major bookstore chainsrespect and trust him, and secondly, he has an amazing product knowledgewhen it comes to graphic novels. In just a short amount of time, he'smade some great inroads for our titles into the mass market."

"It's good to be have someone out there who understands and respects whatwe do, and how we do things, working with us," commented Dan Vado,president of Slave Labor Graphics. "I feel that the long-term prospectsfor our venture are very positive and I am looking forward to workingwith Dallas and Redshift."

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