Rediscovering Marvel's 1982 Doctor Strange board game

Get out your scissors and tape, because you're about to have some fun with a Doctor Strange board game -- straight from 1982.

On his blog Sanctum Sanctorum Comix, Doctor Strange fan Peter C. Knight (aka Ptor) has uncovered an official Doctor Strange paper-craft board game from 31 years ago called Doctor Strange's Haunted Pathways: The Game of Mystic Mindrot. Published inside Marvel's humor magazine Crazy, this forgotten oddity was created by writer Steve Skeates and artist Steve Mellor, and took the Sorcerer Supreme -- and you, the player -- down a strange path of MAD-style antics, psych-ward jokes and drug humor. Take this introduction, for instance:

Do you have an uncontrollable urge for power? Would you like to transform all your enemies into toads, have the prettiest, most popular girl in your whole school fall madly in love with you, strike your parents mute whenever they start to bawl you out and tell you to clean up your room? Well then, we've got the game for you!

To win the game, you must use various sets of random cards to go down the path of the game to the final panel -- a la Monopoly -- but in this case, called "Total Enlightenment." If you lose you become a resident of a psych ward.

You can see some of the pages below. Visit Sanctum Sanctorum Comix to print all the pieces and play.


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