Reddit Skewers Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump with "Donald and Hobbes" Meme

Humor is one of many coping mechanisms, and it's an effective one at that. With many in the United States of America fearful of what a Donald Trump presidency might look like after ballots are cast in the upcoming November election, the Internet -- Reddit, specifically -- once again reminds us that there is a spot of humor in even the bleakest of situations.

A new subreddit called /r/DonaldandHobbes is making waves by pinning the face of American presidential candidate Donald Trump atop of the often dubious logic of Bill Waterson's own Calvin, of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame.

"Calvin and Hobbes" is, if course, a syndicated comic strip that ran from 1985 to 1995 and starred six-year-old mischievous Calvin and his imaginary friend, Hobbes the tiger. The beloved series explored contemporary topics like philosophy and public education in simple, relatable language, often using Calvin's own youthful naivete as a jumping off point for satirical exploration.

The new subreddit, however, interprets Calvin's aversion to education and general disobedience as genuine statements, often by placing the face of Donald Trump over the head of the character. The strips range in content and are typically inspired by daily or accumulated Trumpisms, from building self-trapping walls to the perils of communist Russia.

The subreddit was founded seven months ago when a now-defunct user account posted the first edited strip to the /r/calvinandhobbes subreddit. Reddit user -TracerBullet ran with the idea, creating a subreddit specifically for the meme, which has been chugging along ever since.

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