Red Tornado, More Join Arrowverse's Crisis on Earth-X Crossover

In the new poster for "Crisis on Earth-X," this year's big Arrowverse crossover, Red Tornado and Metallo join the villains' nefarious lineup. Metallo and Tornado previously appeared in the Arrowverse as villains on Supergirl, both having been defeated by the Girl of Steel in her own world. Red Tornado and Metallo are joined by Overgirl, Reverse Flash, Prometheus and an evil Green Arrow in the poster.

These villains will face off against Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Atom, White Canary, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog, among others. Of course, there will be many heroes facing off against the invaders of Earth-X, but we don't know if they'll all have evil counterparts to match.

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The upcoming Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" will once again bring together the various heroes of The CW's four DCTV shows: Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. This year, the villains of the crossover are the heroes' evil doppelgangers from the dimension known as Earth-X, where the Nazis won World War II.

This year’s four-part crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" will air across two nights, beginning Monday, Nov. 27 with Supergirl and Arrow (on a special night for one week only) and concluding Tuesday, Nov. 28 with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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