Gail Simone to Helm Red Sonja/Tarzan Crossover Series for Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment has announced its first-ever Red Sonja/Tarzan crossover miniseries from writer Gail Simone and artist Walter Geovani. According to the official series description, the title will "unite the iconic heroine of swords-and-sorcery with the quintessential jungle adventurer in deadly conflict with Eson Duul -- an evil man whose very name makes the powerful quake with fear. "

"It's an odd thing about my career, especially being a female writer mostly known for superheroes, but I do get asked a lot to write these incredibly manly characters quite often, and the truth is that I just love them. I like stories that are bloody and sweaty. I love the dark night pulpy stuff. I can't get enough and it's a sure way to get me to work on a property," Simone said in a statement. "Tarzan is the king of them all to me. When I was a kid, I read every Edgar Rice Burroughs book I could find. They had these Neal Adams covers, or Frazetta, or someone equally wonderful. And I just fell into that world in the same way you might fall into Middle Earth. I loved the jungle aspects, the family stories, and I loved how Tarzan had to fend for himself at the start. It was just exhilarating to me."


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"I wanted a classic-style villain, something that would fit in with an ERB story or a Robert E. Howard story. And what we have is something that is kind of like a Tarzan gone wrong, someone who isn't content just to dominate; he has to make his targets extinct from the Earth. He's basically awful, and yet, he's not completely unlike some real like people with too much power," she added.

As to her collaborator Walter Geovani, Simone shared, "Walter's like me -- we both love crossovers, and we feel downright possessive of Red Sonja. When he heard this was coming up, we agreed to put aside another project that we were working on for six months so he could draw this; he just wanted in so badly. Me, I'm ecstatic, because it's honestly a bit difficult for me to write Sonja scripts for anyone but Walter. He just gets my scripts so perfectly. I adore him! And wait ‘til you see his Tarzan!"


Simone and Geovani's Red Sonja/Tarzan #1 goes on sale in May. The series will boast variant covers by Geovani, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee, Aaron Lopresti and Sergio Davila. You can check out Hughes' cover below.

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