"Red Sonja" is the #1 Book In June

Official Press Release

March 29, 2005, Runnemede, NJ -- Following the incredible success of Red Sonja #0, Dynamite Entertainment announces the launch of Red Sonja #1 for fans and retailers!

The opening issue of this new ongoing series finds Sonja on a quest to rid the world of an ancient evil. And a quest that places her in battle between the Zeddas and the Kingdom of Gathia.

Written by Michael Avon (Thor, Hammer of the Gods) Oeming and Mike (Hellblazer, Ultimate Elektra, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere) Carey and featuring the art team of artist Mel (X-Men) Rubi and colorists Ceasar (Sojourn) Rodriguez and Richard (Origin, 1602) Isanove!

The legend of Red Sonja begins here as this story of Red Sonja, which not only re-introduces her to the world of comics but is truly a classic in the making!

This is THE ultimate Red Sonja!

This #1 issue also features an all-star array of talent with 5 star cover artists: Michael (Superman/Batman Supergirl/ Fathom) Turner, John (Astonishing X-Men) Cassaday, Paolo (The highly anticipated Marvel Mythos series) Rivera, Joseph Michael (Dawn, Conan) Linser and Alex (Justice) Ross! Covers ship in an equal ratio of 1-in-5 covers!

PLUS: Retailer Incentives will include: an original Art Adams Art Cover (1 for every 25 copies of Red Sonja #1) not available anywhere else, a Joseph Michael Linsner Sketch Cover With Spot Color (1 for every 65 copies of Red Sonja #1 - very similar to Marvel's Wolverine #20 hot! HOT! HOT! AND HARD TO GET INCENTIVE!) and the rarest of them all - THE Red Sonja #1 Alex Ross Negative Art RRP Edition (1 for every 300 copies of Red Sonja #1)!

Fans should check with their local retailer for availability of these extremely limited covers!

Retailers are already reacting to the news of Red Sonja #1!

"Since the revival of Conan, fans have been clamoring for more, and Red Sonja is the perfect addition for the Hyborian Rage! The 25c #0 issue will get HEAVY coverage with my customers and I'm sure many will be back for #1.

"The covers on #1 are all stunning. One of my managers has already commented to me that he can see most of the fans picking up all of them. Makes it tough to order. Do we get too many or WAY too many! A good problem to have in a market where there's a lot of stuff we have to decide whether or not to carry at all.

"I expect this will be our highest ordered "indy" book for the month. It will likely even beat out some top sellers from Marvel and DC!" --Todd McDevittNew Dimension Comics, Pennsylvania

"I feel that Red Sonja #1 is going to be the biggest launch in June. What makes me proud to back this book is the fact that Dynamite Entertainment understands the needs of the retailers. They're not only giving us 5 covers by the 5 greatest artists in comics with Issue #1 but every issue after that will have covers by such notary artists including Art Adams, Neal Adams, JG Jones, Adam Hughes, Michael William Kaluta, hot new talent Mel Rubi, Billy Tan and many more creators.

"This is definitely a book that I can back.

"Between the 5 covers for our fans and the incentives for us retailers, this is like counting the best of the best. I can back this easily, as I can promote this to my customers knowing that there is going to be a good story and great art, just as easily as I backed the New Avengers #1 and each issue after that and Astonishing X-men from 1 on up.

"This is the book that I put at the top of my list and my customers will know. Great quality stories, great quality art, beautiful coloring and a promotional and marketing packaged that gets behind me while I get behind it. This is a win-win situation and I am glad to be part of it.

"This will be one of the top books that I order in June, July and beyond." -- Loop, Stormwatch Comics, New Jersey

"With issue #0 being the best unintended Free Comic Book Day comic that is coming out, #1 will sell faster than anyone will expect! I know that no matter how many we order, it won't be enough!

"Dynamite is doing it right. They're producing quality comics and supporting retailers through their incentive programs. We've done very well with their releases." -- Philip Boyle, Coliseum of Comics, Florida

"I'm really looking forward to the books" not only Red Sonja #0 and #1, but beyond!" -- John Robinson, Graham Cracker Comics, Illinois

WOW! Look for all of the excitement to begin in June with Red Sonja #1! Check out the covers at the official Dynamite website:http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/p-C103444.html

For more information on Dynamite Entertainment, including more Army of Darkness and Red Sonja product, please visit the Dynamite Entertainment website at www.dynamiteentertainment.com

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