Red Sonja Celebrates 35 Years in Comic Books!

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Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment releases images and information concerning RED SONJA #19 and their commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the character's first appearance in comics! Red Sonja #19 is written by series writer Michael Avon Oeming who is joined by interior artist Homs, the Dynamite fan favorite artist of the Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes mini-series! Scheduled for a January release, Red Sonja #19 will feature a showcase of covers by Sean Chen, Kevin Nolan, and DYNAMITE artists Adriano Batista and Homs! Additionally, fans should be on the lookout for a foil cover featuring all-new art from the legendary Frank Brunner!

About the anniversary release, DYNAMITE states, "To have the opportunity to provide the world with an icon as enduring and as fascinating as Red Sonja month after month is an absolute honor for us here at Dynamite. From her first comic book appearance 35 years ago in Conan the Barbarian #23 (Marvel Comics) to her latest Dynamite challenge against Kulan Gath, Red Sonja's adventures have captivated readers, and her fan base remains ever-growing. Beauty, bravery, swords and sorcery are all components of the She-Devil with Sword's appeal, but at the very core of her success is the carefully structured work of ideological visionaries such as Roy Thomas who worked with dedication, determination and tradition to the original imaginings of her creator Robert E. Howard. The significance of a character like Red Sonja is also apparent in the list of legendary talents that have had a hand in producing her fantasy adventures- Roy Thomas, Dick Giordano and Neal Adams, to name a few.

"As a credit to Red Sonja's importance and tradition, it's been our pleasure to invite superstar creators such as Alex Ross, Michael Turner and Jim Lee as well as the many great artists who have leant a hand in presenting her latest challenges. Artists such as Mel Rubi, Steve Sadowski and Lee Moder have also had a very important part in continuing Red Sonja's ongoing success, as did co-writer Mike Carey on issues' #0 - #6. Of course, when it comes to Red Sonja's Dynamite adventures, we have to offer a special anniversary thank you to writer Michael Avon Oeming, who has scripted Sonja's adventures from issue #0 (2005). His storytelling skills have made him into a contemporary legend when it comes to fantasy writing, and he has been a corner stone to She-Devil with Sword's current success.

"After the senses-shattering conclusion to The Return of Kulan Gath, it's apparent that Michael Avon Oeming has had a grand design for Red Sonja and the Hyborian Age from the very beginning. The aftermath of The Return of Kulan Gath has the world in the grasp of the evil Kulan Gath (after all, the story was called the "Return" of Kulan Gath) and now a new world of challenges for the She-Devil with Sword has begun! The Animals storyline should have fans especially excited- not only does it contain more than the usual amount of swords, sorcery and monsters, but the interiors are being illustrated by Homs, the sensational new artist from Frank Cho's Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes mini-series! Praise for Homs's debut on the mini-series was outstanding and well deserved. Also, kicking off Red Sonja's next big adventure is an out of this world line up of cover artists- joining Homs on covers is another Dynamite artist Adriano Batista, as well as Sean Chen and Kevin Nolan!"

When news of Red Sonja's 35th anniversary in comics reached the retail community, key retailers began to send their congratulations:

"Only Dynamite could bring Red Sonja back to comics and continue to do it right, with strong sales and strong stories. And they are really stepping it up for her 35th anniversary!! Congratulations to them for doing a fantastic job of keeping alive comics most popular heroine!"

--Jimmy Hayes

Graham Crackers Comics Wheaton

"It's hard to believe that Red Sonja has been around for 35 years, and the fine folks at Dynamite have us wanting her around for another 35. Ever since their successful re-launch of this fiery character with the #0 .25 cent issue, Red Sonja has been a steady seller for our store. We gave all of our customers a free copy, and the investment has paid off. Our sales of Red Sonja have steadily been outselling Conan. The multiple covers offer fans a chance to pick up one or all of the covers by some of the greatest artists in the comic industry. The steady writing has kept the characters fun and interesting. My hat is off to Dynamite for giving fans of all ages a comic to look forward to each month, and hopefully for the next 35 years."


Stormwatch comics


The ultimate tale of the She-Devil with a Sword begins a new storyline as we kick off the start of the 35th Anniversary celebration of her appearance in comics! "Animals" begins here! Featuring regular Sonja writer Michael Avon Oeming and new story artist Homs - fresh from the pages of Savage Red Sonja!

After the shattering events of last issue, Kulan Gath is in control of the land, with Sonja and her companions sent to the other side of the globe. Here they encounter strange new lands and beasts as they decide to continue the quest against Gath or cast their fates to this strange new world, a world of the "Animals"!

Featuring a stunning new cover by Sean (Wolverine) Chen along with Kevin (52) Nolan, and DYNAMITE artists Adriano (NEW BSG: ZAREK) Batista and Homs (SAVAGE SONJA: QUEEN OF THE FROZEN WASTES) all shipping in equal ration! Don't miss the foil cover featuring all-new art from the legendary Frank Brunner!

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