Red Sonja #39

Know this, reader of these texts-- Red Sonja has perished! Fallen in battle with the vile sorcerer Kulan Gath, Sonja gave her life to save all of Hyboria.

For a time, the red-maned warrior did journey through Hades at the side of the boatsman Charon. Here, she did learn the truth of her own creation at the hands of the false Goddess Scathach.

Twenty winters have passed since last Sonja walked the land. However, now that she has returned, her new incarnation self has yet to learn the truth of her existence, or the reason for her miraculous rebirth...

Our opening arc of this exciting and dangerous new direction for Red Sonja concluded last issue and now the confused She-Devil and Osin struggle to move forward and continue the quest for the Blood Dynasty!

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