Red Sonja 35th Anniversary Cards

Official Press Release

Thirty-five years ago, Red Sonja was brought to life for the comic market, after being "birthed" by Conan creator Robert E. Howard. Now, Dynamic Forces is proud to present the Red Sonja Back to Basics Trading Card Series! Mixing classic images as well as the great images released over time by Dynamite Entertainment to create this incredible set!

Dynamic Forces is going back to basics for this set and is bringing the fans what they want most in a trading card series: signed cards in every box and a hand drawn one-of-a-kind sketch card in every box! Plus, other randomly inserted chase cards which will include individually hand colored cards to help enhance this 72-card base set, including:

Art Cards - Alex Ross - John Romita, Sr. - Frank Cho - Adam Hughes - Mel Rubi - Jim Lee - Aaron Lopresti - Arthur Adams - Joyce Chin - Joseph Michael Linsner - Billy Tan and many more great artists!

Randomly inserted original Hand-Drawn One-Of-A-Kind Sketch Cards - one per box! - Greg Hildebrandt - John Romita, Sr. - David Michael Beck - Kevin Graham (In Homage Cards) - Arthur Adams - Joyce Chin - Adam (Star Wars/Serenity) cover artist Hughes - Pablo Marcos - Bernard Chang - CB Cebulski - Filip Sablik - Michael Broussard - Mark Pennington - Tommy Smith - Andy Smith - Mara Rose - Allison Sohn - Kevin Sharpe - Ryan Stegman and so many more of your favorite creators! Some cards will also be colored!

Randomly inserted Autograph Cards - two per box! - Stan Lee - Alex Ross - Greg Hildebrandt - Jim Lee - George Perez - Mel Rubi - Billy Tan - Joyce Chin - Joseph Michael Linsner - Art Adams - Pablo Marcos - Howard Chaykin - John Romita, Sr. Doug Murray - Brian Reed - Michael Avon Oeming - Frank Brunner - Jim Lee Greg Hildebrandt - Aaron Lopresti - Christos Gage and more!

Randomly inserted Star Power Autograph Cards - Extremely Rare! - Randomly inserted Robert Rodriguez (Producer) autographed Design #1 Billy Tan art card and Design #2 Mel Rubi art cards Rose McGowan (Red Sonja) autographed cards and Doug Aarniokoski (Director) autographed cards!

Randomly inserted 9-Card Holographic "Chrome" Card chase sub-set!

Randomly inserted 9-Card Puzzle Card chase sub-set!

Randomly inserted Ultra-Rare Hildebrandt Hand painted Dream Cards! - And for the first time ever, world renowned painter Greg Hildebrandt will paint original art paintings of Red Sonja on a very limited quantity of cards! This is a very special gift to our fans for Red Sonja's 35th anniversary!

The series is limited to 120 cases for the Hobby Market World Wide - Hobby and Collectors Market Exclusive.

Red Sonja Back To Basics trading card binder! - Based on the Heroine created by Robert E. Howard. Also available is the official Binder for the series, featuring a special Red Sonja design, pages for your trading card set, and a limited edition binder card signed by Roy Thomas!

In stores Wednesday March 18th 2009.

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