Red Son Batman, Bat-Mite Make Their Funko Pop! Debut

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Two somewhat obscure Batmen will soon be hitting store shelves in the form of Funko Pop! figures. The Batman characters in question, both of which are variations on DC Comics’ Dark Knight, are Bat-Mite and Red Son Batman. Also included in the announcement is Merciless Batman, which is a Hot Topic-exclusive figure.

First debuting in Detective Comics #267 and created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, Bat-Mite is an imp from the 5th dimension who idolizes the Caped Crusader so much that he dresses like the hero and frequently crosses dimensions to interact with him. Unfortunately for all involved, Bat-Mite, despite boasting impressive magical powers, often ends up hindering his role model more than helping.

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Red Son Batman is the version of the Dark Knight that first appeared in the Red Son miniseries by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Andrew Robinson, Walden Wong and Killian Plunkett, which imagined a world in which Superman first crash-landed in the Soviet Union and was raised to be a communist. In that reality, Batman became one of the most wanted criminals in the Soviet Union due to his crusade against Stalinism and its most powerful symbol, Superman.

Funko did not reveal when the two figures will be available. Both are currently slated to be “coming soon.”

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