Why Are Red Skull and Kingpin Fighting in Their Underwear?

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This time around, based on a suggestion by reader Will B., we take a look at the time that Red Skull and Kingpin fought each other...in their underwear.

Okay, in the past, I've spotlighted the story of Captain America's brief foray into being hardcore addicted to narcotics.

It's a super trippy story where a new drug called Ice, being produced by the Red Skull, is causing havoc in New York City. Captain America accidentally gets exposed to it and ends up having to expel both the drug and his Super Soldier Serum from his system. He then has to prove that he can kick ass without it.

But anyhow, throughout the story, there is a conflict between the Kingpin, whose men are dealing normal drugs and the Red Skull, who is selling the new drug, Ice. Crossbones, Red Skull's top lieutenant has an awesome fight with Bullseye, Kingpin's top killer.

Finally, in "Captain America" #378 (by Mark Gruenwald, Ron Lim and Danny Bulanadi) they decide to resolve their conflict by having a big man to man fight in Yankee Stadium...in their underwear, of course...

In the end, Kingpin prevailed by virtue of being, you know, gigantic...

SHOCKINGLY, the Red Skull is a bit of a sore loser...

The Red Skull is in a cloned Steve Rogers body, by the way, in case you're wondering why he is so ripped.

Thanks for the suggestion, Will! If anyone else has a suggestion for a hilarious but still awesome story, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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