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Red Robin #10

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Red Robin #10

This issue is a lot of set-up for the second part of a four-part crossover between this title and “Batgirl.” [“Batgirl” #8 reviewed here.] Surprisingly, Batgirl is the character that really shines in this issue, as Yost gives Red Robin (and thereby any Red Robin readers not reading Batgirl) a chance to be amazed by Stephanie’s abilities.

After pissing off Ra’s al Ghul in a major way, Red Robin is trying to save those he cares about from becoming Ra’s’ targets. As the League of Assassins fans out over Gotham, Ra’s himself goes for a face-to-face visit with Thomas (Hush) Elliot to demand the keys to Bruce Wayne’s kingdom.

This story is a rather ominous tale for Red Robin to actually start loosening up during, as he cracks a smile and gives himself the opportunity to unclench around his old girlfriend. Yost handles Stephanie Brown (and the rest of this issue’s cast) with the same care and openness that he uses for the titular character.

Marcus To and Ray McCarthy provide the art, which is clean and detailed, bringing to my mind an immediate comparison to Aaron Lopresti. The faceoff with the League’s sinister seven is a stunning double-page image that is worthy of studying, even though many of the characters are not inherently familiar. Speaking of inherently familiar characters, an Outsider makes perhaps the lamest (for the character) cameo appearance ever, but to a dramatic end. Cipriano’s lettering is a nice addition, using DC’s trademark character insignia inner monologue boxes.

Guy Major brings the same color palette over from the “Batgirl” installment of this story, which helps smooth over the rough edges (such as the raging difference between the dress Caldwell drew for Stephanie in “Batgirl” and the dress To gives her here) between that issue and this one. Truly, if you missed “Batgirl” for this adventure, you’ll be just fine. Yost and To do a nice job bringing it all together.

There are allegedly a dozen targets that Ra’s has sighted. So far we’ve seen attempts on Leslie Thompkins, Stephanie Brown, and Thomas (Hush) Elliot. That seems a little thin to me, considering we’re halfway through this story. Either Ra’s has a mass execution planned (possible) or the action is really going to pick up in the next two parts (also possible). Either way, this is a nice installment in the story, but not a critical one.